We partner with unique individuals to build great investment funds.

Fuel has worked with Sapphire for over five years to launch seven EIS funds and one SEIS fund.

Nova starting working with Sapphire in 2019 to take over their existing SEIS & EIS fund.

Sapphire works with Vala on a number of fund initiatives.

With the help of Sapphire, QUBIS launched their Innovation Fund in 2021.

GrowthInvest operate a tax-efficient investing platform and an EIS fund managed by Sapphire

Twenty20 Mentoring started working with Sapphire in 2016 and is now on their third fund.

The SidebySide Partnership work alongside Sapphire for both of their EIS offerings

Velocity work with Sapphire on a collection of SEIS/EIS funds

Britbots started working with Sapphire in 2016 and is now on their fourth fund.

Love Ventures are in the process of launching their second fund with Sapphire.

Zero Carbon launched their first fund with Sapphire in 2019 and now are launching an LP/GP fund.

Sapphire assisted the Zenzic Estate Planning Service in launching an inheritance tax efficient fund

Since 2016 Creative England has worked with Sapphire to help fund the creative industry.

Sapphire is assisting 8 Dimension Ventures to launch their health & wellness fund.

EMV Capital has worked with Sapphire since 2018 on their EIS fund.

Cambridge VenturED is currently working with Sapphire to launch an SEIS/EIS fund.

Sapphire is helping Oskare Capital to launch their Medical Cannabis Fund.

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