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We provide better ways to launch, manage and grow venture capital funds

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We back and support visionaries. 
We offer a more cost-efficient
fund management solution.
Reduce your
administrative burden.
Gain exposure to
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We are fund experts that specialise in tailored fund management services

SEIS & EIS Funds

SEIS and EIS Funds

Work with us to set up SEIS and EIS funds. The Enterprise Investment Scheme ("EIS") is a tax-efficient investment scheme introduced by the UK Government in 1994 to incentivise investment into high-risk, early-stage companies. The government introduced the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme ("SEIS") in 2013 following the great success of EIS.

Investors hold their shares in the investee companies via a nominee. Sapphire can work with you in setting up the SEIS and EIS fund's structure.

SEIS and EIS funds are usually smaller than traditional venture capital funds but are generally less expensive and easier to set up due to a more straightforward structure. In addition, these structures also offer generous tax incentives for eligible UK investors.

Sapphire Venture Capital Funds

Sapphire can set up traditional "LP/GP" structures. LPs are the limited partners (investors) and the GPs are the operational managers who manage the day-to-day fund.

Work with us to set up a private equity fund, with a portfolio containing early-stage investments, or later stage follow-on investments of established companies.

Limited Partnership funds do not typically offer tax incentives but usually allow for non-restricted and larger investments into companies and larger fund sizes. This fund structure is more costly to set up and generally more complex.

Sapphire Venture Equity Funds

Property Funds

Set up a property fund with Sapphire. Sapphire will collaborate with you in setting up the traditional "LP/GP" structure for a property fund. LPs are the limited partners who invest in the fund, and the GP is the General Partner.

In addition to this, Sapphire is authorised to manage & operate Exempt Property/ Exempt Property Unit Trust ("EPUT") structure. 

An indirect property investment means that the investor subscribes to shares in a company that, in turn, invests in properties. Through property funds, investors, therefore, have the opportunity to invest relatively small amounts in large-volume properties by way of professional fund companies. 

Sapphire Fund


We are not just a service provider

but a long term partner.


Industry experts.

We are a team of industry professionals excelling in our respective domains to offer our clients the most seamless and state-of-the-art services.


We are alway ready to anticipate change and respond quickly to achieve success.


We will connect you to trustworthy third-parties, from custodian services to FCA compliance advisors. We are with you every step of the way.


We are entrepreneurs at heart and support visionaries through the best and worse.

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Countless Impact

Meet the Sapphire ecosystem

We back visionaries to launch outstanding early-stage venture capital funds. We provide our funds with the management, tools and resources needed to excel within their chosen ecosystem.
Meet some of the industry experts who work with Sapphire. Individuals with transformative ideas and a passion for identifying and investing in the companies of tomorrow. The future of our ecosystem is exciting.
Raj Saxena
Velocity Capital
Dr Ilian Iliev
EMV Capital
Damon Bonser
British Design Fund
Dr. Nicola Broughton
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Oskare Capital
Claire Smith
Beyond Impact
Mark Pearson
Fuel venture
Mehjabeen Patrick
Creative England
Dr Glenn Crocker
Executive Director
We are Pioneer Group
Marcus Love
Love Ventures
Jasper Smith
Vala Capital
John Bailye
The sidebyside partnership
Pippa Gawley
Zero Carbon Capital
Lachlan Gowrie-Smith
Gametech ventures
Dominic Keen
Brian McCaul
Andy Davidson
Nova Growth Capital

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