What is a SEIS/EIS Fund?

A SEIS/EIS fund is typically a discretionary investment management service managed by a FCA approved investment manager (such as Sapphire). A SEIS/EIS fund is not a legal entity but is typically a group of individual bare trusts to enable subscription monies to be held on behalf of investors under a nominee arrangement; with each investor being the sole beneficiary of each bare trust. This is collectively known as a SEIS/EIS fund.

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The typical structure of a SEIS/EIS fund:
  • A SEIS/EIS fund is typically an investment management service conducted on a discretionary basis by an investment manager;

  • The service is normally conducted subject to the terms of an investment management agreement;

  • By agreeing to invest in a fund, investors appoint the investment manager to invest their subscriptions on a discretionary basis into companies selected by the investment manager;

  • A SEIS/EIS fund is not a legal entity;

  • EIS and SEIS funds fall within the definition of “Alternative Investment Fund” for the purposes of the AIFMD; and

  • A SEIS/EIS fund is not considered to be a collective investment scheme as defined in section 235 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

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How can Sapphire help you?

SEIS and EIS fund services

We can act as fund investment managers.

SEIS and EIS Fund Services

We can write the fund investment documents.

SEIS and EIS Fund Services

We can help the fund raise finance.

Sapphire can act as the fund investment manager.

Finding the right FCA approved investment manager can be difficult.  With multiple funds under management, our extensive experience can help you. 

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Our services include the following:
  • Set up the SEIS or EIS fund.

  • Write all the investor documents.

  • Carry out a Section 21 review.

  • Help to launch the fund & raise investment.

  • Act as the ongoing investment manager.

Example funds currently managed by Sapphire

Fuel Ventures Fund

The Fuel Ventures Fund 4

The Fuel Ventures Fund invests in and provides support for early-stage technology businesses.  

The Creative England Investment Fund

The Creative England Investment Fund

The Creative England Investment Fund invests in UK based early-stage creative and digital businesses.

Sapphire will write the investment fund documents.

We have assisted numerous funds with their investor documents, including the FCA disclosures, the risks section, the investment management agreement and the investor application form. 

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Our services include the following:
  • Help with the SEIS/EIS fund structuring.

  • Help with the fund branding.

  • Draft the FCA disclosures.

  • Work with the custodian.

  • Draft the Information Memorandum.

  • Conduct administrative procedures on your behalf.

Sapphire can help raise money for the fund.

We can assist the SEIS/EIS fund raise finance - through introduction to platforms and authorised investment professionals. 

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Our services include the following:
  • Help to make sure the fund is investment ready.

  • Help the fund find investors.

  • Help answer investor questions.

  • We manage the SEIS/EIS fund.

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We are more than just a fund investment manager.

You don't have to go it alone. The team at Sapphire are here to answer your questions, help you get to grips with what is required to launch a successful fund and manage it going forward. All that - plus our dedicated help, blog resources and templates - means you will never feel you do not have enough manager support.

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Sapphire SEIS and EIS Fund Services

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