Resource Centre

A selection of free resources to assist you to develop your business and take it to the next level.


A practical guide to SEIS & its benefits

Download our SEIS guide to find out more about SEIS and all its many tax benefits.

A practical guide to EIS

Download our EIS guide to find out more about EIS and all its many tax benefits.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

The tools needed to seed or scale-up your business. Raise finance with Sapphire's strategic partners or funds, and Hubspot for Start-ups.

How foreign companies can get SEIS and EIS

Download our practical guide for foreign companies wanting to raise money via SEIS and/or EIS.

The SEIS & EIS Advance Assurance Process

A practical guide to the SEIS and EIS advance assurance process. Find out what you need to include and the conditions you must meet.

Hubspot for Start-ups

Start-ups grow and scale better with HubSpot for Start-ups. Access a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM.

A practical guide to SEIS/EIS funds and the tax benefits

Download our guide to SEIS/EIS funds and find out about diversifying an SEIS/EIS portfolio and their lucrative tax benefits.

An explanation of R&D Tax Credits and how to obtain them

Download our guide to R&D tax credits and find out how your company could benefit.

Find out about the opportunities of investing in a Venture Capital Trust

Download our eBook on Venture Captial Trusts. Find out the difference between the venture capital schemes (SEIS, EIS and VCTs) and their pros and cons.

A practical guide to the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme and it's tax benefits

Download our eBook on the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) scheme, explore the benefits associated with social enterprise and learn more about the tax benefits. 

A practical guide to writing a Business Plan

Download our eBook on writing a business plan. Leverage our experience of helping draft corporate documents to write a successful business plan.

A practical guide for the UK patent process

Download our eBook on obtaining a UK patent, outlining potential pitfalls and providing guidance through the IP regulatory minefield.

Find out about support for UK innovation

Download our eBook on UK innovation and explore the opportunities in place for start-up company looking to innovate.

A practical guide for EIS Construction

Download our eBook on EIS within the construction sector for insight into how companies from a perceived unqualifying trade can benefit from EIS.

The Importance of Stratergy

In this webinar by Dr. Sharon Mertz, learn the importance of strategy to your business.