We can quickly obtain your HMRC advance assurance.



We check your trade qualifies for SEIS.



We quickly prepare the HMRC documents.



We make the HMRC application.



We answer all the HMRC questions.



We work with HMRC to get any issues resolved. 



We obtain your SEIS advance assurance.


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We can prepare all your required investor documents.



We help you with your business plan and draft your investor documents.



We can help you with the branding.



We draft the FCA disclosures.



We ensure the money laundering regulations are disclosed.



We help you draft the investors information memorandum.


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We can help you raise finance for your startup.



We make sure you are investment ready.



We help you find investors.



We help you answer investor questions.



We can help you launch the company.


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Obtaining SEIS advance assurance.

Obtaining HMRC advance assurance can be time consuming.  We are here to help.

It is very important that any startup company wishing to obtain investment ensures it has obtained SEIS advance assurance from HMRC. Although it is not necessary to obtain this in order for an investor to invest in a company, the vast majority of investors will require that advance assurance is obtained before making an investment. This is where we can help you. We are here to ensure that your company will be investment ready.


This is what we can assist you with:

  • Check you qualify for SEIS.
  • Prepare the HMRC documents and make the application.
  • Answer any HMRC questions.
  • Obtain your SEIS advance assurance. 


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SEIS advance assurance
  • Construction SEIS
  • Solar SEIS
  • Construction SEIS
  • Bio-medical SEIS
  • Bio-medical SEIS
  • Film SEIS
  • Film SEIS
  • Film SEIS
  • Tech SEIS
  • Wind turbine SEIS
  • Construction SEIS
  • Online app SEIS
  • Retail SEIS

Preparing the Information Memorandum

Preparing all the documents necessary for investors can be daunting. We streamline the process.

Investors into any startup will want to ensure that they have the full business case and are aware of all the risks. It is also very important that you disclose all the risks to them. We can help you prepare all the investment documents and application forms.

This is what we can assist you with:

  • Draft the information memorandum.
  • Prepare a teaser document.
  • Check all the FCA disclosures.
  • Brand the document.
  • If required, print the document.

Our fee for this service is normally £2,500 (plus VAT).

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Our fund raising services.

We have teamed up with a marketing company to help you raise finance.

The raising of finance is perhaps the hardest and most important thing you can do for your company. We are here to help.


This is what we can assist you with:

  • Making sure you are investment ready.
  • Identifying the right source of capital.
  • Introducing you to FCA qualified investors.

Our fee for this service is normally a marketing fee % of the amount we raise.

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Raising SEIS cash
George Za

"Working with Sapphire Capital was a most valuable experience. We did not simply get the best financial advice; we got insightful mentorship as well, which for a startup is better than gold."

George Zarkadakis, CEO of Cypsel Limited, based in London.

Ruan O'Tiarnaigh

"I recommend Sapphire.  They know their business."

Ruan O'Tiarnaigh, Director of n(V) Genix Limited, based in Belfast.

Darren Robson

"Sapphire obtained our approval from HMRC for SEIS and EIS in an incredibly quick time and drafted a fantastic information memorandum in a very professional manner.  We are now using Sapphire to help us raise investment funds.  I would give them the highest recommendation possible."

Darren Robson, CEO of Fingerfile Limited, based in South Africa.

Labros Digonis

"SEIS and EIS are efficient vehicles for startups. Sapphire Capital is by all means a good driver.  Η καλή αρχή είναι το ήμισυ του παντός!"

Labros Digonis, CEO of InSybio Limited and COO of EF Concepts Limited, based in London and Athens.

Guy Bucknall

"Finding experienced advice on the SEIS process was proving very thin on the ground. Sapphire, however, immediately understood our requirements, the time constraints we were bound by and enabled us to get underway almost immediately. Their service has been excellent and I have no problem recommending them highly."

Guy Bucknall, Founder of Gymik Limited, based in London.

Proven success with numerous startups across a variety of industries.

Construction, bio-medical, restaurants, online apps, retail, solar energy, wind energy, film, children's nurserys, online stores and many more.

Wind energy EIS
InSyBio Limited
When The Money Runs Out Limited
EF Concepts Limited
FMC Building Services Limited
Agricultural Solar Investments Limited
Genalice Holdings BV
Cypsel Limited
Fingerfile Limited
Building Procurement Services Limited
Stanrocc Natural Stones Limited
Burning Limited

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