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Our experts will quickly answer all your questions & keep you clear of the pitfalls.

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With 10+ years of award winning experience behind us - we know how to get you approved & fast.


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Expert support team

We know R&D Tax Credits. Our experts will quickly answer all your questions & keep you clear of the pitfalls.


Simple process

We know exactly how to put together an application and make it very simple for you to follow.


We are fast

Having done numerous applications - we know exactly what we are doing - so there is no time wasted.


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Our success rate is in every conceivable sector, such as:
  1. Technology
  2. Robotics
  3. Manufacturing & construction


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We have carried many successful applications - you know you are in safe hands.


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We are so confident that we can get you approved - we have linked part of our payment to your success.


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We manage over 25 VC funds & have contacts throughout the investment community - if you need funding then we might be the solution.

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We are more than just an R&D tax consultancy service.

You don't have to go it alone. The team at Sapphire are here to answer your questions, help you get to grips with what is required for a successful R&D Tax Credit application and answer any follow-up questions HMRC might have. All that - plus our dedicated help, blog resources and templates - means you will never feel you do not have enough support.

There are currently three schemes offered to companies for R&D tax relief.

1. The Small Medium Enterprise (“SME”) Scheme.
2. The Large Company Scheme.
3. The Research & Development Expenditure Credit (“RDEC”).

To be qualified for the SME Scheme, a company must have less than 500 employees (and have an annual turnover not exceeding 100 million Euros & a balance sheet not exceeding 86 million Euros). Companies are qualified for the Large Company Scheme or the RDEC if they do not qualify for SME Scheme


Although R&D tax credits have been around for quite some time, many entrepreneurs are not aware that they can significantly benefit from them.

It is important for entrepreneurs of start up companies to take advantage of any governmental incentivisation and support that may be available to them as this support directly impacts cash flows as well as shows investors that the business is being operated in an efficient and effective manner.

HMRC offer advance assurance to companies seeking to claim R&D credits. This assists companies with accurately estimating and budgeting for the benefits for three years.

Although it is not necessary to obtain this in order to put in a R&D tax credit claim, it will get the credit processed faster, with less hassle.

This is where we can help you. We are here to ensure that your company is optimising all the available support and claiming back the cash it is potential due.  We take the hassle out of preparing and making the claim off your hands.


Sapphire will clearly explain the potential cash you could claim.

Our services include the following:

  • We check whether you qualify for R&D Tax Credits.

  • We estimate the potential credit you will receive.

  • We prepare the HMRC documents.

  • We make the HMRC application.

  • We answer all the HMRC questions.

  • We work with HMRC to get issues resolved.

  • We obtain your R&D Tax Credit advance assurance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

To be qualified for the SME Scheme, a company must have less than 500 employees, and also follow one of two conditions:

  • An annual turnover not exceeding 100 million Euros.
  • A balance sheet not exceeding 86 million Euros.

Companies are qualified for the Large Company Scheme or the RDEC if they do
not qualify for SME Scheme.

Why are R&D Tax Credits so important?

According to our research there are
three key findings:

1. Tax credits offer much needed relief, especially to SMEs, who may struggle with
keeping a competitive edge while they grow.
2. R&D Tax Credits reduce the risk of investing in R&D by giving companies incentive,
therefore leading to a stronger competitive edge in the long term.
3. The UK as a whole lags behind the rest of Europe in R&D as a percentage of its total

How long does it typically take to get R&D Tax Credit Advance Assurance from HRMC?

Very hard question as it depends on the complexity of your business and your application. However, if we had to say, it would typically be six weeks. We have had many Advance Assurance applications come back within days - but on the other hand, some applications can take longer than six weeks.

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