What's Included?

  • What are SEIS/EIS funds.
  • The difference between SEIS and EIS.
  • What is a managed portfolio.
  • Structuring SEIS and EIS funds.
  • Explanation of the tax benefits.
  • How to set a fund up.
  • Important terms to know.

Everything an entrepreneur needs to know about SEIS and EIS funds.


SEIS or EIS funds are funds that invest solely in SEIS or EIS companies. They are structured differently than other funds in order to preserve the tax incentivisations offered by the schemes. There are two types of funds: unapproved or approved funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my company need in order to approach an SEIS and/or EIS fund for investment?

Before approaching a SEIS/EIS fund for investment, we recommend obtaining advance assurance. With this, you are able to approach funds knowing you have already received pre-approval from HMRC indicating the company's qualifying status. Then you can approach SEIS/EIS funds in the hope of meeting their selection criteria.

Is an EIS fund an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)?

We have seen various attempts to structure EIS offerings in a way designed to take them outside the scope of AIFMD.  We think such attempts should be approached with caution, given the FCA's view, as expressed in its Perimeter Guidance Manual, that a traditionally structured EIS fund should be considered an AIF.

How long does investor hold the SEIS/EIS shares?

The Life of the Fund.

In order to retain the SEIS/EIS reliefs, investors must hold their shares for three years in the companies which the Fund has invested in. Normally the Investment Manager will require that the investors will hold their shares in the Fund for longer periods e.g. up to ten years. It is noted that the Investment Manager typically retains the right to sell the investors shares at any time, even within the SEIS / EIS three year period. Therefore the purchase and sale of shares in the companies the Fund invests in is at the discretion of the Investment Manager.

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