What's Included?

  • What are R&D Tax Credits..
  • Which companies qualify for R&D.
  • The three different R&D Tax Credit schemes.
  • What is qualified expenditure.
  • Explanation of the tax benefits.
  • How to get HMRC advance assurance.

  • Why its worth checking whether the R&D tax credit applies to your company.

Everything an entrepreneur needs to know about R&D Tax Credits and it's benefits.


Research & development is crucial to a company s survival in the long run. With today s high levels of market competition, businesses must invest in order to stay
innovative and ahead of their competitors.

Our eBook will save you valuable time and expense to understand R&D Tax Credits and get your company approved by HMRC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Any sector.

Research and development is not limited to certain sectors, it can occur anywhere and everywhere.

What counts as Research and Development?

There's no definitive explanation for what counts as R&D.

Legislation is broad, so long as the business is attempting to use technology or science for the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty, then you are likely carrying out a qualifying activity.

What if the ebook doesn't answer all my questions?

Ask us!

At Sapphire Capital, we are always happy to help therefore don't be afraid to send us an email or book a call to discuss your remaining questions.

Is this ebook really free?


Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have any questions!

Hundreds of people have used our guides to improve their knowledge & understanding of R&D Tax Credits.

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