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Boyd Carson

Boyd Carson

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Boyd assists companies obtain HMRC advance assurance for Seed EIS ,EIS and VCT, write investor documents and help them raise finance. He also acts as an investment manager on a number of investment funds.

Boyd specialises in SEIS, EIS and VCT investments, including HMRC advance assurance applications and drafting investor documents. Boyd also helps companies raise finance, invests in selected companies and acts as a director of numerous companies which have raised money via EIS and VCT. Boyd has authored several eBooks, such as The Sapphire Guide to SEIS and a guide to The Sapphire Guide to REITs.

Boyd has over thirty years' experience in the financial services industry and has overseen the development of Sapphire to become a multi-award winning investment firm with a diversified client base. Boyd currently specialises in the incubation of investment funds - and has set up and currently manages multiple venture capital funds. Due to his experience, his expertise and advice are often sought by the boards of well-known funds and he sits on multiple investment committees. He also advises on general corporate and commercial matters, including fundraising and secured lending.


Prior to Sapphire, Boyd was in New York for ten years as a director of M&A due diligence at a top four accountancy firm.. Boyd is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct investment business. He is the honourary treasurer and trustee of a leading cancer charity and is currently completing a Master's in Finance at Harvard University.

Boyd's mobile number is: 07 917 767 362 and email is 

Recent testimonial of Boyd's work:

"Boyd Carson achieved EIS clearance for the company on which we work together, in a complex assurance process requiring multiple responses to HMRC. He has continued to act as a director of that company and has been highly responsive and diligent. The company has gone on to raise £3.2m of EIS funds to date, and EIS 3 certificates have been issued by HMRC following the successful submission of EIS1's."

Rupert West, Investment Manager, Puma Investments, Bond Street House, London.

Vasiliki Carson

Vasiliki Carson

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Vasiliki assists clients with business plans, financial structuring and HMRC advance assurance for SEIS, EIS and VCT. She also specialises in HMRC advance assurance for R&D Tax Credits.

Vasiliki specialises in HMRC advance assurance applications for Seed EIS, EIS and VCT. She has successfully completed the EISA Organisation's EIS Diploma program and is a Diploma Affiliate.  Vasiliki also assists clients with R&D Tax Credits, writing business plans and preparing financial projections. She has authored several eBooks, such as a The Sapphire Guide to R&D Tax Credits, Business Plans and UK Patent Box.

Prior to Sapphire, Vasiliki worked at top tier investment banks in New York and Tokyo and also worked as a manager in the corporate finance department of a top four accountancy firm.

Vasiliki is a New York Certified Public Accountant (inactive status) and graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business.  Vasiliki is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct investment business and has obtained the CFA Investment Management Certificate (IMC). Vasiliki has completed the EISA organisation's EIS Diploma, thus becoming a Diploma Affiliate. Vasiliki was the 2016 winner of the EISA Rising Star award and a finalist in Investment Week's "Women in Investment 2017" awards. 

Vasiliki's mobile number is: 07 590 043 699 and email is

Recent testimonial of Vasiliki's work:

“Vasiliki's patience in compiling our funding document was truly amazing. She is smart, thoughtful and constructive in her work. She tirelessly spoke to us at any time of the day and was fast at turning around the document. I would recommend Sapphire to anyone looking to take a funding document to market.”

Clive Morris, Director, Client Machine Limited.



Johnathan Graham
Johnathan Graham Sapphire Capital Partners LLP

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Johnathan is responsible for SEIS and EIS applications, business plans, information memorandums, R&D tax credits and sales operations. 

Johnathan is interested in helping startup companies obtain investment and grow, developing business plans and information memorandums. He specialises in the EIS/SEIS/VCT advance assurance application process and has a particular interest in assisting foreign companies apply for the schemes. He is the author of the eBook SEIS and EIS for foreign companies. Johnathan comes from a background in digital marketing, professional sales management and business structuring. His passion for assisting startups comes from owning two of his own; one in promotions and the other in hospitality. Johnathan has written marketing and business plans for various startup companies and assisted in the early stages of operations. 

Johnathan graduated with a BSc First Class Honours in Marketing from Ulster University and holds qualifications in professional selling, management and various online analytical tools. 

He has also successfully completed the EISA Organisation's EIS diploma and sits on the Greenshoots Committee (EISA).

Johnathan's mobile is 07 833 085 164 and email is  

Connect with Johnathan on LinkedIn johnathangraham

Recent testimonial of Johnathan's work:

"Johnathan of Sapphire was excellent in guiding us through the entire process. Although our holding company is based in the Republic of Ireland, Cork, Johnathan made what is a complex process of applying for EIS advance assurance for a non-UK based company straightforward. I genuinely, could not recommend them enough."

Tony Duggan, Director/Founder Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading Limited, Ireland, Cork.

Vince Harvey

Vince specialises in FCA compliance for Sapphire. 

Vince is an independent compliance consultant providing Sapphire with advice on the FCA handbook and reporting. He has worked in financial services for over 25 years and started Compliance Cubed in 2013 where he is currently a director. His financial services career includes working with financial advisers, banks, a building society, insurers and wealth/fund managers. Vince has a degree in Economics and Government from Essex University and a MSc in Financial Regulation and Compliance Management from London Metropolitan. He is a regular contributor to TC News on a range of competence issues and his practice is a member of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants. 

Blue the rottweiler



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Blue is responsible for debt collection and general office harmony. 

Blue is interested in helping anyone who is a late payer part with their money and keeping us all on an even keel around the office. Blue belongs to Johnathan and is spoilt rotten (a bit like Johnathan). 

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