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What are the advantages of Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding can be an excellent way of raising money for your business relatively quickly and can provide an alternative to conventional means of finance such as a bank loan.  To raise the money via Crowdfunding you will have to showcase your idea or company via a Crowdfunding website so it is important to make a good first impression with potential investors.

Advantages of Crowdfunding include:
  • Can be a fast way to raise finance and therefore quickly provide the much needed working capital to get your idea or business started;

  • Is a good way to test the public's reaction to your product or idea and therefore discover quickly if your idea is really a good one;

  • Unconventional ideas can get funded. Ideas that would normally be rejected by a conventional loan provider such as a bank may have a better chance of funding via Crowdfunding;

  • Investors can become your loyal customers. Through the Crowdfunding process investors can get to properly understand and therefore become advocates of your product; and

  • Provides a valuable form of marketing. By pitching your idea via an extensive Crowdfunding network can often result in beneficial media attention.

How can Sapphire help you?

Getting ready for Crowdfunding
We help you to get ready for crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding platforms
We help you identify the right crowdfunding platform that will raise money for you.
Raising finance for Crowdfunding
We help you raise finance.
See Over 100+ Successful Client Testimonials

Sapphire will help you become ready for crowdfunding.

Raising money via crowdfunding can be time consuming. We are here to help.

Sapphire has been at the forefront of crowdfunding since it emerged in 2013. We have supported the development of equity and peer to peer lending platforms. We have also advised on the regulatory environment, technological requirements and business processes needed to develop a platform. We have been involved with the wider industry through the UK Crowdfunding Association and with our partners at the Grow VC Group and their associated companies - Grow Advisors, Crowd Valley and Deal Index. We have a close working relationship with all the leading crowdfunding platforms including for example Seedrs, Crowdcube and GrowthInvest.

Getting ready for Crowd funding
Our services include the following:
  • We get you ready for Crowdfunding.

  • We help you select the right Crowdfunding provider.

  • We help you put your "campaign" together.

  • We script your video & manage your campaign.

  • We assist with the management of your investors.

  • We obtain your SEIS/EIS advance assurance.

Sapphire will identify the correct crowdfunding platform for your business.

We have helped numerous clients successfully raise money via crowdfunding. We have established relationships with platforms and understand what is required in order to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a very effective way to attract investors and to grow a company's brand recognition and customer base. Too often companies limit their investment rounds to their immediate networks but an effective crowdfunding campaign can bring a business to a whole new audience of potential investors.

Crowdfunding services
Our services include the following:
  • We will understand your fund raising requirements.

  • We will explain the different types of crowdfunding available.

  • We help you with your crowdfunding campaign.

  • We draft and refine your financial promotion.

  • We can introduce you to discounted providers of videography from trusted partners.

  • We will introduce you to the right crowdfunding platform for your business.

Sapphire can help you raise finance.

We can assist your company or fund raise finance via crowdfunding.

Raising finance via crowdfunding
Our services include the following:
  • We make sure your company is ready for crowdfunding.

  • We help you find crowdfunding investors.

  • We help you answer crowdfunding investor questions.

  • Assist with SEIS and EIS.

  • Manage your crowdfunding campaign.

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Our crowdfunding services pricing summary.


Crowdfunding Fees


  • Total Crowdfunding Solution 
  • Making you crowdfunding ready
  • Launching your campaign
  • Crowdfunding platforms introductions
  • After investment advice
  • For funds we raise, we charge 4%
  • Returning Customers get a 15% Discount
  • Free Support

Download our FREE eBook guide to Crowdfunding.


Our FREE eBook guide will help you understand crowdfunding.

  • Explain crowdfunding.
  • Explanation of the different platforms.
  • What makes a successful campaign.
  • The steps involved in raising finance.

Our eBook will save you valuable time and expense in your quest to get your crowdfunding project up and running and more importantly, raising the finance.

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"Sapphire Capital were very easy to work with, friendly, professional and had a great ability to explain complicated matters in simple, easy to understand terms. We would highly recommend them."

Ricky Martin Director, Skunk Works Surf Company Limited

Guy Bucknall
"Working with Sapphire Capital was a most valuable experience. We did not simply get the best financial advice; we got insightful mentorship as well, which is better than gold."

George Zarkadakis Entrepreneur

George Zarkadakis
"Vasiliki's patience in compiling our funding document was truly amazing. She is smart, thoughtful and constructive in her work. She tirelessly spoke to us at any time of the day and was fast at turning around the document. I would recommend Sapphire to anyone looking to take a funding document to market."

Clive Morris Client Machine Limited

Clive Morris
"Sapphire's help was excellent. Everything was very professionally handled."

Hugo Rose Director, Cellar & Co Limited

Hugo Rose
See Over 100+ Successful Client Testimonials
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