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We help you become crowdfunding ready.

We identify the right crowdfunding platform for your business.


We can help you raise finance.


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We help you become crowdfunding ready


Getting ready for crowdfunding can be time consuming. We are here to help.


Sapphire has been at the forefront of crowdfunding since it emerged in 2013. We have supported the development of equity and peer to peer lending platforms. We have also advised on the regulatory environment, technological requirements and business processes needed to develop a platform.

We have also been involved with the wider industry through the UK Crowdfunding Association and with our partners at the Grow VC Group and their associated companies - Grow Advisors, Crowd Valley and Deal Index.

We also have a close working relationship with all the leading crowdfunding platforms including for example Seedrs, Crowdcube and GrowthInvest.

Our service includes the following:


  • Getting you ready for crowdfunding

  • Helping you decide the right type of crowdfunding for your business

  • Selecting the right crowdfunding platform

  • Getting you "campaign ready"

  • Managing your crowdfunding campaign

  • Assisting with the management of your crowdfunding investors 




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We identify the right crowdfunding platform for your business


We have helped numerous clients successfully raise money via crowdfunding.


We have established relationships with platforms and understand what is required in order to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. We see this as a very effective way to attract investors and to grow a company's brand recognition and customer base. Too often companies limit their investment rounds to their immediate networks but an effective crowdfunding campaign can bring a business to a whole new audience of potential investors.




Our service includes the following:


  • Understand your fund raising requirements

  • Explain the different types of crowdfunding available

  • Help you with your crowdfunding campaign

  • Introduce you to the right crowdfunding platform for your business


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We can help you raise finance


We can assist your company or fund raise finance via crowdfunding



Our raising finance services include:

  • Making sure you are investor ready. 
  • Assist with SEIS and EIS.
  • Ensure FCA compliance.
  • Launch your crowdfunding campaign.


Our service includes the following:


    • We make sure you are investment ready for crowdfunding

    • We help you find crowdfunding investors

    • We help you answer crowdfunding investor questions




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Our pricing summary


Crowdfunding Fees


  • Total Crowdfunding Solution 
  • Making you crowdfunding ready
  • Launching your campaign
  • Crowdfunding platforms introductions
  • After investment advice
  • Returning Customers get a 15% Discount
  • Free Support
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Check out what some of our clients have to say about us


"Finding experienced advice on the SEIS process was proving very thin on the ground. Sapphire, however, immediately understood our requirements, the time constraints we were bound by and enabled us to get underway straight away. Their service has been excellent and I have no problem recommending them highly."

Guy Bucknall CEO, Gymik Limited

"Working with Sapphire Capital was a most valuable experience. We did not simply get the best financial advice; we got insightful mentorship as well, which for a startup is better than gold."

George Zarkadakis

"Sapphire obtained our approval from HMRC for SEIS and EIS in an incredibly quick time and drafted a fantastic information memorandum in a very professional manner.  We are now using Sapphire to help us raise investment funds.  I would give them the highest recommendation possible."

Darren Robson arren Robson, CEO of Fingerfile Limited, based in South Africa.

"SEIS and EIS are efficient vehicles for startups. Sapphire Capital is by all means a good driver.  Η καλή αρχή είναι το ήμισυ του παντός!"

Labros Digonis CEO of InSybio Limited based in London and Athens.

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